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September 1, 2009  |  imaginestics news release

80/20 Inc. Empowers Distributors with 8020edge App Using VizSpace

West Lafayette, Indiana, USA – 80/20 Inc., the leader in modular framing systems, is releasing to its distributors 8020edge, a web-based app using VizSeek’s VizSpace. 8020edge operates within VizSeek’s online industrial community networking platform, VizSpace, and it allows anyone with a web browser to design their own 80/20 product and immediately produce a bill of materials and cost estimate for it.

As a manufacturer of modular framing systems, 80/20 has hundreds of products that can be configured in a nearly infinite number of ways.

As 80/20 introduces 8020edge, distributors are creating their own privately branded VizSpaces, where they can add the 8020edge app for their customers to create designs and generate bills of material online. Doug Wood, founding partner and general manager of 80/20 Inc., says that, “By creating custom VizSpaces for our distributors, we are opening the door for them to sell 80/20 online to a wide range of customers through 8020edge. This tool can also be used by the Distributor’s Sales Force to generate a quick quote on-site with the customer.”

80/20 anticipates that the tool’s ease of use and minimal investment will attract new customers and will promote 80/20 over competitors who require using a catalog and extensive product training. Ed Jarnac of 80/20 distributor Carolina Fluid Controls says, “8020edge will be working for us 24/7 and will allow us to reach more people and multiply our sales effort.”

About 80/20 Inc.
80/20 is the leader in modular framing systems that adjust to fit any industry and application. From light- to heavy-duty, the 80/20 modular framing system provides secure and OSHA-approved guards, displays, workstations, and more. 80/20’s success has evolved from a blend of innovation in creative products, a strong sense of customer needs, and an “80/20 ATTITUDE,” which is the cornerstone of the company. More information is available at

About VizSeek
VizSeek is the leading developer of shape-based search technology. The company’s mission is to connect the world’s industrial users through online communities of interest, providing a catalyst for identifying business opportunities. VizSeek solutions are currently used by top government agencies and industrial leaders. VizSeek, a wholly owned subsidiary of Imaginestics, LLC, is a privately held company, headquartered at the Purdue Research Park in West Lafayette, Indiana. More information on VizSeek and its products is available at

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