GET Search?filterStr={filterStr}&searchTypeStr={searchTypeStr}&includeShapelets={includeShapelets}&customAPI={customAPI}&crawl_parameter={crawl_parameter}&searchAssemblyComponents={searchAssemblyComponents}

Performs a search (user access token required for non-public searches)


NameDescriptionAdditional information
Type: URL encoded string(required). The filter string in a query string format 
            ("field=value" pairs separated by &). Possible filter "field" options are,
                1) uid - companyID of the company to search with
                2) fileUID – fileUID of the search input file uploaded using the Put File call
                3) resultFileType – type of files to return ("Image", "ThreeD", "TwoD", or "Text")
                4) FT – free text search
                5) v – volume tolerance
                6) sa – surface area tolerance
                5 and 6 are used for 3D to 3D search only.
                    Format: decimal form of the percent tolerance
                    Ex. ".1"(equivalent to +/-.1) or +0.3/-0.4 or "+.2" or "-.5"
                Example filterStr value:
                    a) For shape search only with the image file, 
                        uid=[your company Id]&fileUID=[file uid]&fileType=image
                    b) For text search only, uid=[your company Id]&FT=chair
                    c) For shape and text search, 
                        uid=[your company Id]&fileUID=[file uid]&fileType=image&FT=chair

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Type: string. Depricated (Default is "file")

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Type: boolean (optional) If the extracted file shapelets (thumbnail images for multiple views) should be included

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Type: int (optional) 10 if the raw JSON results should be included in the output (Not supported for external use)

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Type: string (optional) (Not supported for external use)

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Type: boolean (optional - default false) For assembly file input, pass True to return results for
            every component, otherwise only files matching the entire assembly will be returned. Component results will include properties "ComponentFID"
             and "ComponentName" corresponding to which component they match. The property TotalResults will be set to -1 if the assembly has not finished indexing yet.

Define this parameter in the request URI.

Response Information

Returns a SearchResultSummary object that contains the following properties: ResultsList – contains the results including the shape match score. SearchFilters – contains the subsequent filters that could be used in the "Refine" section. Each "Filter" has "QueryString" (the field name to be used for the filterStr) and “Label” section. "FilterValues" contains the filter value (Value), name (Name) and count (Count).

Response body formats



Sample not available.


{'ResultsList':[{'ShapeResult': { 'Score': 0.449365, 'Name': 'Gear.stl' },'CompanyName':'[company name]','PublicURL':'[URL for full file]','CompanyVizSpaceID':'[companyID]','FullText':null,'FileType':4, 'ThumbnailURL':'[URL for file thumbnail preview]','FileName':null,'FileUID':'[fileUID]','ViewerFile':'', 'ViewURL':'[companyname]/ViewFile.aspx?fileUID=[fileUID]','Name':'pulley.jpg'}],'TotalResults':1, 'SearchTime':'[DateTime of search]','Categories':null,'SearchFilters':[{'QueryString':'uid','Value':'[fileUID]', 'HelpText':null,'FilterValues':null},{'QueryString':'FT','Value':'color=blue', 'HelpText':null,'FilterValues':null},{'QueryString':'user','Value':'[userID]', 'HelpText':null,'FilterValues':null},{'QueryString':'resultFileType','Value':'Image,ThreeD,TwoD,Text', 'HelpText':null,'FilterValues':[{'Value':'Image','Name':'Image','Count':1}]},{'QueryString':'DIR','Value':null,'HelpText':null,'FilterValues':[{'Value':'prt','Name':'Online','Count':1}]}]}