What is visual search?

Most search engines are text search: you put words in and you get words back for your results. VizSeek is visual search where you put a visual input in, like a photo or a 3D model, and you get similar images or 3D models back as results.

What is VizSeek?

VizSeek is a visual search solution that puts the power of visual search in the cloud. We offer visual search as a service: Use our APIs to upload and index your own content, then search for products or files using a photo or a 3D model.

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How is VizSeek better than our competition

See how VizSeek is better

Can I see how it works?

Of course! Just contact us to request a demo.

Can our customers use visual search in our mobile apps?

Yes, VizSeek works on both mobile and desktop devices. Today, almost everyone carries a camera in their pocket, so visual search make the most sense on a mobile device. However, sometimes you need to do a more intensive search where it's helpful to have a larger screen or a mouse, so the desktop is more useful in those situations.

How accurate is visual search?

Visual search is fundamentally different from text search in this way: visual search returns images or 3D models that are most similar to your input, and the results are ranked by similarity.

If there's an exact match in the set of data that you're searching, you'll get that back first. Otherwise, you'll get back the results that are most similar. To use an extreme example, if you're searching with a picture of a shoe within a set of pictures of power tools, you'll get results, but they'll all be power tools, ranked by their similarity to the shoe.

How much does it cost?

It starts at $250/month and scales reasonably with volume. Check here for details.

What kinds of visual input can I use?

VizSeek can search with images or 3D models within sets of data that might include images, 3D models, or even 2D drawings. This table shows what kinds of input you can use to search within different types of data:

  Find photo Find 3D CAD Find 2D CAD
Search with a photo  
Search with 3D CAD  
Search with 2D CAD  
Search with text

What file types are supported?

The currently supported file types are: jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, c4, cg4, cgm, gp4, pdf, tif, dwf, dwg, dxf, slddrw, asm, catpart, catproduct, iam, iges, igs, ipt, jt, model, obj, par, prt, psm, rfa, sat, sldasm, sldprt, step, stl, stp, x_b, x_t, xls, xlsx, xlsm, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, msg, eml, avi, mp4, mov, txt, ifz, izp, zip, htm, html

If a file type that you would like to use is not listed, please email us with your request, along with a sample file, to support@vizseek.com.

How does indexing work?

You can upload and index your own content (e.g., product images or 3D models). Indexing for visual search is resource-intensive and expensive, which is why we offer VizSeek as software-as-a-service.

We have state-of-the-art server clusters that will index your uploaded files, creating a shape signature that can later be used for searching. We have a sync app that you use for your upload and for future syncing, so the upload process runs as smoothly and quickly as possible.

If your files are sensitive and you don't want to upload them to our servers for indexing, we do have a special sync app version that can perform the indexing on your machine and just upload the shape signature to our servers. Contact us for more information.

I have something a little different in mind for visual search than what I see here. Can VizSeek work for me?

Visual search has unlimited possibilities, and we work hard to make sure VizSeek can be used for many different use cases. Some of the most common ones that we work with are:

  • E-commerce: Give your customers a way to search for products with just a photo
  • 3D printing: Search for a 3D model you need to print using a photo or another 3D model as input
  • Customer Service: Give your customer service agents visual search to help them identify the products or parts that your customers need. If your customer has a problem with a part, they can send a picture to your customer service agent, which they can use to search for the product and its documentation.
  • Engineering design reuse: Rather than design each part new, index your 3d models or 2d drawings so that your engineering or sales can search them for design reuse.

We've shared some common use cases here, but please get in touch with us with your ideas.

How does integration work?

VizSeek can be easily integrated with your existing systems, whether that might be an e-commerce website or mobile app, using our APIs. Once you upload and index your files to VizSeek, you can use the APIs to send search queries and retrieve results that then appear on your site or app. Learn how to use the VizSeek APIs here.

VizSeek is easiest to implement as a SaaS, but we can also implement VizSeek on-premises. We'd love to answer any questions you have – contact us!

How do I get started?

The easiest way to get started is to request a demo and talk about what visual search can do for you!

Where can I report a problem or make a suggestion?

Let us know about any problems or suggestions you have here: support@vizseek.com or give us a call!