About VizSeek Visual Search

What is VizSeek?

VizSeek is a visual search engine for finding products and designs. Why visual? We all use different words, model names, or part numbers to describe the products and designs around us, but a product's or design's shape is the same for all of us.

VizSeek takes the words out of the equation: Search for what you need by using visual input, like a photo or CAD model. You’ll get back products and designs that look similar to your input. Once you’ve found results, you can use the Find Similar button that appears on each picture. This will start a new search to find things that are similar to that item.

Companies can use VizSeek to make their own products or designs searchable by shape, either publicly in the VizSeek search engine or on their own dedicated site. Companies can also use our APIs to put visual search on their own website or app. You can learn more about the VizSeek subscription plans here.

How does the search work?

Start at VizSeek.com

Searching by Photo: Do you have a photo of the item you want? Or have you found a photo online? Click Photo and select the category of the item you're searching. You can then either browse your computer's files and upload the photo, or you can paste a URL of a photo that you found on the web.

To get the photo's URL, or web address, right-click on the photo in its original location. The next step depends on what browser you're using:

  • In Google Chrome, click Copy Image URL
  • In Firefox, click Copy Image Location
  • In Internet Explorer, click Properties and copy the address in the properties window

In VizSeek, you can then paste the photo's URL and click Search. VizSeek will retrieve the photo and use it as search input.

Searching by 3D Model (in 3D model search only): You might be looking for a 3D model that’s similar to a 3D model you have. Click Model and upload your model there.

Searching by Text: As much as we love shape, text is still the easiest way to search in some cases. Click Text and put in some keywords.

Once you find something, use the filters on the left or the Find Similar function on each result to narrow down and further define what you’re looking for.

Where do the results come from?

We’re building up our index every day. For our 3D model search, we're currently indexing sites from around the web that host 3D models for any number of purposes. We have affiliate relationships with our product sellers, so we are compensated for sales resulting from our search.

Do you see a category we should be including? Do you have a website that you don’t see results from but would like to? Tell us!

Why do I have to select a category first?

When searching by a photo, we ask you to select a category first because many types of industrial products across different categories may look identical. For example, if you searched with a picture of a silver cylinder, that could be a pipe in Plumbing, a bolt in Hardware Accessories, or a roll of foil tape or piece of ductwork in HVAC accessories. When you select the category first, we can hone in only the products that are relevant to what you need.