Uploading File Attributes with the VizSeek Desktop App

The parts in the files that you search in VizSeek may have attributes that you want to be able to search in addition to searching by shape. The desktop app File Attribute upload gives you a way to upload a comma-separated values (.csv) file that contains the attributes information and automatically link it with the right file, making both the shape and attributes for those parts searchable.

Let's use a very small example:

You manufacture three parts, and they are called A, B, and C.
Each has one model file in .stl format, and those files are called A.stl, B.stl, and C.stl.
Each part has a different color, and each part has a different diameter.

You've uploaded A.stl, B.stl, and C.stl to VizSeek, and now you would like to add the color and diameter information for each part to VizSeek.

Uploading a file

To upload a file attribute .csv file:

  1. Click File Attributes in the Home page. The Data Source Field Mapping window opens.
  2. Give your mapping a name in the Resource Name field for informational purposes. You might use the name to indicate what system the data is coming from, for example.
  3. Click Add CSV file and browse to the file.
    When you add the file, you'll see the following:
    Mapping window: The mapping window opens in the middle section of the window. This is where you'll map your file's fields to VizSeek's attribute fields.
    Mapped fields tab: This section shows the fields that have been mapped so far, showing the VizSeek field labels with the mapped values from your file. Check this section as you map your fields to make sure that your mapping is retrieving the values you want.
    Original file tab: This section shows your file columns and values. You can use this tab as a way to see your file columns and values without having to open your file in a different program.

Mapping file fields to VizSeek attributes

In VizSeek, there are no pre-set attributes. You can use all of your own attributes and name them anything you would like. With the File Attributes upload, you have two options for how you can add attributes:

Option 1: All Parts in the File Have the Same Attributes

In this option, your .csv file might look something like this:

FileColor Diameter

In this case, all your files have the same attribute: Color and Diameter. To create these attributes in VizSeek, you would map the File field to the column in your CSV that contains your file names. You would then map the Attribute field to each attribute in your CSV file. Your mapping would look like this:

Attribute Mapping: Option 1

Option 2: Some files have different attributes

It may be the case that various files or parts have different attributes. In our example, let's say that B.stl has a Horsepower attribute rather than Diameter and that C.stl has a Length attribute rather than Diameter. In this option, you would structure your CSV this way:

FileProperty Value

To create these attributes in VizSeek, you would map the File field to the column in your CSV that contains your file names. You would then map the Attribute Name field to the column that contains your attribute labels, and you would map the Attribute Value field to the column that contains the values for each attribute.

The mapping might look like this:

Attribute Mapping: Option 2

Editing a File Attribute Mapping

To make changes in your file attribute mapping, right-click the mapping in the Resource list on the Home page and click Edit. You'll then be able to change your mapping and save it.

Uploading File Attributes

To upload your products, you'll do a sync operation on your mapping. From the Home page, right-click the mapped resource and click Sync.

Removing File Attributes

If you need to remove the file attributes that you've uploaded to VizSeek from a given resource, right-click the resource in the Home page and click Remove and either Attributes Only or Attributes & Mapping. The difference between these options is:

  • Attributes Only: This option removes the file attributes from VizSeek that were created from this resource. The file mapping remains in the Resource list. The files themselves also remain in VizSeek.
  • Attributes & Mapping: This option removes the file attributes from VizSeek and removes the file attribute mapping from the Resource list. Note that any files that were uploaded through the attribute upload will remain in the VizSeek account.