Uploading Products with the VizSeek Desktop App

You can create products in VizSeek by uploading a comma-separated values (.csv) file that contains all your product data. When you upload the file using the desktop app, you'll map the fields in your .CSV file to the product fields in VizSeek. The steps below will walk you through how to do that.

Where does your CSV file come from? You could create one manually using an Excel spreadsheet (saved as a comma-separated values file, or .csv), or if you have products in a database system such as an ERP system, you could likely export your products from that system to a comma-separated values file.

From the Home page in the desktop app, click Products in the panel on the left.

Simple or Complex Products?

Choose whether you are uploading simple products or complex. The key way to tell when you have a complex product structure is when your products have multiple variations (like color or size) that fall under a single product ID. An example might be a T-shirt that comes in multiple sizes or a bolt that comes in multiple lengths.

Create the Field Mapping

  1. Give your mapping a name in the Resource Name field. This is for informational purposes only and just helps you to be organized when you have multiple mappings.
  2. Click the Add CSV File button and browse to the product CSV file.

    When you add the file, you'll see the following:
    Mapping window: The mapping window opens in the middle section of the window. This is where you'll map your file's fields to VizSeek's product fields.
    Mapped fields tab: This section shows the fields that have been mapped so far, showing the VizSeek field labels with the mapped values from your file. Check this section as you map your fields to make sure that your mapping is retrieving the values you want.
    Original file tab: This section shows your file columns and values. You can use this tab as a way to see your file columns and values without having to open your file in a different program.

  3. Map your file's fields to the VizSeek product fields. In the mapping window, your file's fields appear in the first column. Select the VizSeek field to map to using the dropdown button.

    Some fields, such as the VizSeek's File field require more information. When you map these fields, you'll notice a + button that appears to the left of the field name. Click the + button and add the information requested.
  4. The File field is a special one: Use this field to map a file path and file name, and VizSeek will upload the file and index it to make it searchable. That file will then be attached to the product as well.
  5. When you've finished mapping your fields, click the Save button. The mapping is added to the Resource list and is ready to be synced.

Editing a Field Mapping

To make changes in your product field mapping, right-click the mapping in the Resource list on the Home page and click Edit. You'll then be able to change your mapping and save it.

Uploading Products

To upload your products, you'll do a sync operation on your mapping. From the Home page, right-click the mapped resource and click Sync.

Removing Products

If you need to remove the products that you've uploaded to VizSeek from a given resource, right-click the resource in the File Upload page and click Remove and either Products only or Products & Mapping. The difference between these options is:

  • Products only: This option removes the products from VizSeek that were created from this resource. The file mapping remains in the Resource list.
  • Products & Mapping: This option removes the products from VizSeek and removes the file mapping from the Resource list.

With either of these options, if you've uploaded files using the File field in the mapping, those files will remain in the system. They just won't be attached to your now-deleted products, but they'll still be searchable in file search.