22% of the work day is spent searching for information.

When we see images, we use the history of what we've seen to identify the objects we're viewing. VizSeek works the same, translating models, sketches, photos, and even hand-drawn doodles into results you can use.

You already know design reuse can help shorten design time, reduce quote turnaround times, and help get accurate should-cost data. But how do you search for designs to reuse?

Words get in the way of finding designs for reuse. Shape search powers design reuse by helping you find exactly what you need quickly. Your design data comes in many forms, and VizSeek can search them all:

2D drawings 3D models Photos Text

VizSeek gathers your data from where it lives and makes it searchable by shape or attributes.

Open a window into your design & manufacturing data, making design reuse and data analysis possible as never before, with VizSeek.

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Use VizSeek in the cloud

Put the power of VizSeek technology at your fingertips with our innovative cloud solution. VizSeek lets you search and analyze your data from anywhere with only a web browser. Try VizSeek today, experience the system's easy-to-use features, and see how it can benefit you and your organization.

If you want the benefit of VizSeek's powerful data insights but need to keep your data in-house, then an on-premises installation of VizSeek might be right solution for you. Contact us with your requirements and we'll make it happen!

Add VizSeek to your solution

Many companies have licensed VizSeek technology in unique ways to meet their business needs. Our technology partners include companies who have implemented VizSeek in Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to improve their visibility into their part and product databases as well as research partners with whom we work to improve the technological capabilities of visual search technology.

We can help you do the same. Contact the Imaginestics team and let's collaborate on how shape search can change your world and build your brand!

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