Why VizSeek’s visual search is important for you

Envision the following customer experience scenario:

Your customer needs a part replaced

Your customer needs a part replaced
  • With text search only

    With text search only
    1. Using text search on your app or website the customer finds too many parts to look through or no matches.
    2. Surveys show that the customer will spend 3-4 minutes looking before moving to your competitor.
    3. Likely results in a lost sale for you.
  • With VizSeek integration

    With VizSeek integration
    1. Customer snaps a photo of the part and submits it to your app or website.
    2. Finds the correct product in as little as 30 seconds.
    3. You land the sale and ensure a satisfying customer experience.

How VizSeek Works

How VizSeek Works

There are six types of implementation options based on your requirements.

How VizSeek can enhance your customer experience

Visual search with VizSeek APIs has unlimited possibilities. Below are some of our solutions to visual problems.

  • E-Commerce E-Commerce

    Enable your customers to quickly find parts or products by simply clicking a photo or using a picture.
    Learn more.
  • Quoting Quoting

    Empower your quoting engineers to upload a photo, 2D hand sketch, 2D drawing or a 3D model to find similar existing parts that they have previously quoted.
    Learn more.
  • Design info re-use Design info re-use

    Empower your engineers to reuse existing design information to respond to customers efficiently.
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How is VizSeek better than our competition

VizSeek has six patents, has received major grants from NSF and DoD, and the Tibbets Award for technology innovation from SBA. VizSeek is

  • visual search Accurate

    VizSeek identifies the exact match for a product within a category. Others only recognize the category a product belongs to, but do not find the matching product.
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  • image search Versatile

    VizSeek allows shape search across file types, such as using an image or a 2D drawing to find 3D models. Others only allow image to image search or 3D model to 3D model search.
  • Easy to integrate Easy to integrate

    As a SaaS solution, VizSeek provides you with ground-breaking, resource-intensive image search and 3D model search APIs with no infrastructure or maintenance investment.

VizSeek API demo apps

These apps illustrate the power of our visual search APIs. You can similarly use our APIs to integrate 3D model, 2D drawing, and image search in your own website or app.

  • VizSeekVizSeek

    Want to buy a product or find a 3D model but don’t know what it’s called or where to find it? Snap a photo, find it and download or buy it.

  • VizSeek Tile VizSeek Tile

    Want to buy a flooring tile but don’t know what it’s called or where to find it? Snap a photo, find it and buy it. Watch how it works

    Download Download